We can arrange for the chartering and supply of various types of vessels, supply vessels or tug boats and generally any type of vessel whether for a voyage or time charter, as may be requested.

COSCO SHIPPING SPECIALIZED CARRIERS CO. LTD, is the world’s no. 1 Shipping Line offering services for the transportation of bulky cargoes (non-containerisable), on a worldwide basis.

Such shipments can be organized by COSCO’s highly specialized team and can load from ANY part of the world to Cyprus.

Basic cargoes that can be transported, amongst others, include:

  • Drilling Rigs

  • Plants

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Wind Turbine Generators

  • Windmill blades

COSCO in this connection, employs more than 100 vessels, which include following type of vessels that are able to accommodate and suit all your specialized shipment requirements:

  • Heavy Lift vessels

  • Multipurpose vessels

  • Semi-Submersible vessels

  • Ro-Ro vessels

  • Log Carriers

  • Asphalt Carriers

  • Car Carriers